Half set (Wrap&Strap®)

Half set (Wrap&Strap®)

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The main set of Wrap&Strap® (patent pending) consists of 2 Wraps and 2 Straps (resistance bands in the photos are for illustration purposes only). The Half Set is here in case you need a spare part.


  • NO-ROLL BANDS - The Wrap&Strap® set is designed to stop resistance bands from rolling up during your workout. It also prevents from skin burns and unplanned waxing 😊.
  • WORKOUT FRIENDLY - The Wrap&Strap® set is designed so that you can put it on and change its position very quickly. Attaching and removing the resistance bands is as easy as if you were working out only with the resistance bands. If you have a set of Extra Wraps, changing between the different strength bands is also seamless.
  • UNIVERSAL - The Strap is designed to fit your wrist, ankle, or thigh (up to 51 cm diameter).
  • FITS MULTIPLE TYPES OF RESISTANCE EQUIPMENT - This accessory fits athletes or just beginners for resistance training. Primarily designed for workouts with resistance bands, but the handy D-ring allows you to connect resistance tubes as well. Wrap&Strap® works with any strength 5 cm width resistance loops and resistance tubes of up to 20kg strength.
  • USER FRIENDLY - Small and lightweight, Wrap&Strap® comes with a carrying bag, is very easy and convenient to take anywhere, or keep for workouts at home.
  • SAFE & DURABLE - Made of high-quality materials, non-toxic, soft, and skin-friendly.
  • EXERCISES - All our customers are welcome to visit our page at any time for inspiration and ideas for workout exercises. We will be updating the video library constantly.
  • SOCIALLY FRIENDLY - We are a small family-owned business and part of our profit will go to support the local grassroots football team. As a separate project, we will be encouraging football mums to be physically active while their kids are training. We will be posting our stories on our website, Instagram and Facebook - join us!


The patent is pending for the Wrap&Strap® solution. Wrap & Strap® is a registered trademark of NoRoll Limited. NoRoll Limited is registered in the UK with VAT number 353740696.


    Consists of one Wrap and one Strap.


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Patent is pending for the Wrap & Strap ® solution. 

Wrap & Strap ® is a registered trademark of NoRoll Limited.

NoRoll Limited is registered in the UK with VAT number 353 740 696.

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